Christian Values

Worship Themes

We have termly themes that form the basis for our school and class worship.  These themes enable Westhead Lathom St James' children to have a discussion and learn about important moral, religious and social ideas together as a whole school community.


Spiritual, Moral, Social, Cultural Development (SCMC) and British Values

The Worship Themes build on Spiritual, Moral, Social, Cultural Development (SMSC) and also our British Values.


Term 6, Summer 2018: Responsibility

As we develop this term’s value of Responsibility, we will consider the following:

  • In what ways, as a school community, do we encourage children to take responsibility for things in their own lives? 
  • What are the links we have with charities for those in need and how do we support these?
  • How do we help and encourage our pupils to take responsibility for their own community?

A Christian Perspective on Responsibility

Christians believe:

  • becoming responsible citizens means being people who can be trusted to do their best for the good of others
  • being responsible means being prepared to stand up on behalf of others and act and speak for them
  • being responsible means that others can expect you to make a sensible 'response' in a situation - you won't just give up or stay quiet. You will be ready to act
  • an irresponsible person acts in a way that hurts others, doesn't care about their feelings, just does what pleases him/herself
  • an irresponsible person refuses to face up to the damage or hurt that he or she may cause
  • responsibility is thinking about the good of everyone, not just what suits one individual

Children are introduced to responsibility when:

  • they are given a job to do in the class/school on behalf of others, for example, school council representative and classroom monitor
  • they are prepared to own up to something that they have done wrong
  • they care for a younger sibling or friend
  • they represent the school as part of a team or on a special occasion
  • they have the job of looking after a pet, maybe at home or for the class

Bible stories linked to Responsibility:

  • Moses hands over his responsibilities to Joshua
  • The story of Cain and Abel
  • God gives human beings a job to do
  • Jesus gives responsibility to 72 followers to carry on his work

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