Persuasive Speeches

Date: 23rd Jun 2017 @ 8:03am

Eager Beavers have been writing and performing their own persuasive speeches.  First, they watched some persuasive speeches from a few different films and then they identified the key features.  The children then wrote their own speeches, trying to persuade villagers to go into battle against the terrifying creature, the Tyrannoflax.  I am sure you will be proud of their efforts (I will change the videos each week as I can't fit them all on at once)

Freya O wrote:

Steven I really liked your body language and the way you changed your voice and your speech is great.

Finley G wrote:

Brill speech Liam 👍

Ava H wrote:

Emily great speech you sounded amazing well done for getting on the school page !!

Emily I wrote:

to Lydia your persuasive speech was amazing I love it !

Amber H wrote:

Laim I thought yours was the best because you used a lot of body lagage

Amber H wrote:

Brill laim💪🏻

Finn G wrote:

Nathan and Kyle WOW!!!!!! Great performance guys . Be proud 😎👍🏼

Kyle B wrote:

I liked your body language Liam

Nathan L wrote:

Well done Kyle I liked the end👍.

Maya P wrote:

Brill speech Emily Lullah and Lydia😀

Scarlett M wrote:

Lydia I loved your speech!!! You put in so much effort👍I really enjoyed watching it!!!

Jackie Wilson wrote:

Lydia I really enjoyed watching and listening to your speech well done
Mum :)

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