Mr. P's Skipping Challenge

As part of our commitment to the health and wellbeing of your children, we are seeking ways to encourage your child to be more active at playtimes.  Mr. P has recently introduced his skipping challenge to the whole school.  It is a brilliant way for your child to engage in short bursts of cardio-vascular exercise, and it is excellent for developing coordination.  It is, of course, lots of fun, and the craze is now sweeping the school!  Everyone from Reception to Year 6 is practising their different styles and techniques, and they seem excited by their own progress.  Please consider buying them a rope so that they can practise at home too.

Mr. P will oversee the challenge on Friday lunch times.  I will let the classes know which Friday is for which class, and I will tick off on a class chart as your child achieves the different criteria of the awards.  I will give out certificates at the end of the challenge (I'm thinking around about the end of May to give everyone a good chance to develop what they can do).  They will be awarded one certificate for the highest award they have earned.

Download the pdf below to see the criteria for the different levels of certificate.

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