Day 6 of home learning

Lesson: EYFS

Class: Ladybirds and Butterflies Year: 2020 - 2021

Today we dressed up in spooky costumes for our online zoom sessions. Butterflies learnt the letter O and were able to write the word ‘pot’. We drew a big pot and then drew things beginning with all the sounds we know... we drew snake for s, toad for t and some of us even put ourselves in or our daddies, depending on the initial sound. For maths, we practised our counting and conservation of number but counting spooky things or drawing spooky items to match the number. 


In the afternoon we learnt all about why we celebrate Halloween and why we do the things we do on Halloween. They children were then challenged to make their own witches broth, then they were challenged to remember all their ingredients to tell their friends on zoom. Well done for all our hard work during class closure. We are all very proud of our children. 

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